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“James Wedmore has always been my #1
resource for video marketing.
In my earlier years of making videos, I was embarrassed to post them online because they looked and sounded terrible. But once I started to apply James's simple tips to make my videos better, I saw an instant increase in my video views and overall audience engagement. James is so good at making video creation simply because he has the unique ability to break things down in a way that a "non-techy" person like me can instantly understand and apply. I truly attribute much of my video success to what I have learned from James.” - Amy Porterfield -
You might be sitting there wondering if YouTube is right for you and your business.

You may be wondering how you can automate your traffic and sales if you don’t like being in front of the camera, hate all that techy stuff, or simply just don’t have the time!

I’m here to tell you, when you see just how effective YouTube can be for you, you MAKE the time.

You see, every single day your prospects and potential customers visit sites like Google to ask questions...

Maybe it’s a question about how to lose weight, or find the perfect relationship, or get motivated...

And every day, Google (which owns YouTube), produces relevant and valuable search results, and 9 times out of 10, you’ll find a YouTube video at the top of those results.

Imagine if that were your video...

Imagine what that would do for your business... if every time a complete stranger had a question about your industry, your topic, or your field of expertise... you and your video automatically displayed at the top of Google... for free!

What would that do for your business?

Do you think that would change how your customers perceive you?

Do you think it would attract more new and happy customers?

You betcha!

There is a very simple marketing equation, that if you follow exactly, will eliminate your overwhelm!
My Online Marketing Formula Content (Consistent + Valuable + Relevant) = MORE CUSTOMERS!
That equation is as simple as saying: create valuable, relevant content on a consistent basis in
order to generate more traffic, leads, and sales (i.e. more happy customers!) in your business.
My name is James Wedmore, and I’ve not only been
teaching YouTube Marketing for the past 8 years, but I’ve
been doing it myself for longer. And this timeless marketing
equation has been working like clockwork for me and my students.

Let’s take a look at each of the elements…
1. Content In simplistic terms, content is information. You can
get content on “how to bake a cake,” or what the
weather is going to be like today. Content can be
communicated over several mediums such as audio,
text, or VIDEO (my personal favorite!). And that’s why
YouTube is sooo powerful! It’s a platform for sharing
content on the most effective medium ever (video!).
2. Consistency Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? It’s almost
unbelievable that WATER can have that effect on
rock and stone. Until you realize the power of
Consistency. You see, it wasn’t just water that
carved the Grand Canyon, it was water that
flowed consistently. When you create a system of
consistent uploading and sharing of content, you
become unstoppable. You become noticed.
You become… everywhere!
3. Value Have you ever watched a bad movie? …a bad
YouTube video? Read a bad article? Of course! It
probably had little to no value for you. If you want to
be really effective, you’ll need to create videos that
provide true value in someone’s life. You’ll need to
answer their questions, deliver insights, and
help them save time, money, or energy. In short, your
stuff needs to be so good, they can’t ignore you!
4. Relevancy Relevancy is a huge key to this equation. And most
people miss it. Let’s say you’re a real estate agent,
and you want to use YouTube to help show off your
homes and listings. Then, you decide to upload a
video of "VALUE" of your cute cat doing a funny
trick… and the video gets 10,000 views! Congrats!!
…but what does a cute cat have to do with selling
real estate? When you identify WHO your ideal
customer is, you can effectively identify what
content they are looking for, and thus create
RELEVANT videos.
“With James’s tips, one of our videos has
over 700k views.
That’s with implementing only 2-3 of his many strategies. And because
of JAMES, my wife and I are going to Cabo San Lucas this August!”
- That Reyes Family -
What if there was a Simple Formula You
Could Follow to CONSISTENTLY Attract
More Customers to Your Website?
Imagine if you had an easy-to-follow plan that would
give you the “how to” clarity along with the feeling
of confidence that it’s actually going to work!

Well, now there is!

Since 2011, I’ve been teaching my YouTube
Marketing & Video SEO System to entrepreneurs
and small business owners all over the World.
But before we take a look at my system, let’s take
a look at: “WHY YouTube?”
Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore YouTube
Every Day, YouTube’s 1+ Billion Users watch
hundreds of millions of hours of video and
generate billions of unique views.
Video allows you to be part of the world’s
Videos RANK 50 TIMES EASIER than
text-based content in search engines.
17% of all internet traffic flows through
74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be
YouTube has surpassed Facebook as the
“Two months ago, I signed up for a YouTube
marketing course that James Wedmore
From just the strategies that James outlined in that digital course, I was
able to get YouTube videos ranked for very targeted, specific keywords
on YouTube and Google. I jumped into James's program, and I'm
currently knocking out each step of my video marketing plan that I
wrote back in January.”
- Alexandra Wickfree -
Is YouTube Really The Right Strategic
Move For You? Is it Really Worth
Your Time?
That's the RIGHT question to ask, but
I'm probably not the guy to answer
it... I'm a little biased :).
I've been profiting from YouTube for
eight years, I've made thousands of
videos, and the only thing I love more
than YouTube... is teaching others how
to profit from it.

I made my very first sale on
the internet on April 18th, 2008.

At the time, I only knew how to do
one thing: bartend. So I created an
"e-bartending" school and sold it
online. When the first sale came in,
the receipt asked the customer,
"how did you hear about us?"

My first customer's response:
What I Learned While Living with
my Parents
This is Why I LOOOOOOVE YouTube
Back in 2008, YouTube was young… and so was I. I had little money, but a heck of a lot of time.

So, I became obsessed.

I taught myself everything I could about what makes YouTube work. Fast forward to 2011, I launched the first version of my YouTube training system, a course that has gone on to sell over 20,000 copies worldwide.

I’ve built a 7-Figure Business around my passion, my knowledge, and experience...

And I’ve built a digital platform where people come to me as the go-to expert.

I was able to stop selling and pushing, and start attracting, all because I followed a simple formula that I’ve perfected over the past 7 years, and now I want to give it to you.

I’ve been featured in Forbes,, CreativeLIVE, and even the local news for the results I’ve been able to get my students on YouTube, all because they followed a simple strategy for getting more traffic, more exposure, and of course, more sales.

And today, I’ve dedicated my life to empowering business owners like yourself to harness the power of Online Video, because I’ve seen firsthand what it’s done for me.

And to this day, I'm still making videos and perfecting my YouTube System for my students.

This is why I LOOOOOOVE YouTube.

In additon to Forbes,, and CreativeLIVE, I've also appeared on Social Media Examiner, Mixergy, and more podcasts than I care to count. It's been an incredible journey.

And to this day, I'm still making videos and perfecting my YouTube System for my students.
You see, unlike your latest "Tweet" or Facebook update,
a video doesn't go away. It doesn't get buried down in
some timeline or feed to die a slow, lonely death.

A YouTube video matures... like fine wine.

And when this happens, you get what we call the
Hockey Stick Effect.

When you build up momentum on your channel,
you can actually upload less videos and get more

Don't believe me?

Check this out:

At the time of writing this, I have 6 million views on
my channel. That's like 3 years of hard work!

Here's the crazy part... in just the last eight months, I've
generated 1.2 million views. That's almost HALF in just
8 months.

Oh, but it get's crazier.

In those 8 months, I only posted FIVE videos. Yes. Just
FIVE videos.

"How the heck did you do that?!"

I've perfected a system.

It's safe to say that there is no one in the world that has
been teaching YouTube while also using it for as long
as I have. And since the release of Version #1 of my
training course in 2011, I have honed, tweaked, and
perfected a simple system so that any business owner
or entrepreneur, no matter their experience level, can
follow along and take action.
“James is a genius and a very talented
trainer, but the real magic of what you get
when you work with him is how much he
He wants you to break through, discover your creativity, and implement
what you learn, and he works really really hard to set you up for every
possible success. In the last two years he helped me take my list from
600 people to almost 10,000, using video as the primary tool to connect
with and build my audience.”
- Elizabeth DiAlto -
So, the question is: how can you, too, take advantage of this same
system, even if you have zero YouTube or video-making experience?
What You Can Expect
from this PROGRAM:
VideoROI is the result of six years of experience,
mistakes, discoveries, and research on the
World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine and Largest
Social Media Site: YouTube! YouTube is my #1
Traffic Generator, and inside VideoROI, I’ll simply
show you how to make it yours…
The Perfect Video Formula: What to say in your
videos to hypnotically attract customers and
A Simple Ranking System: Learn how to get your
videos ranked at the top of YouTube and
Conversion Techniques: Learn how to convert your VIEWS into LEADS and leads into HAPPY CUSTOMERS!
Learn how to generate exponential results in your
All that and MORE in the most COMPREHEN-
SIVE and CONCISE YouTube Training Program,
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Owners and Online Entrepreneurs!
Why VideoROI is RIGHT FOR YOU: The INTENTION of VideoROI is to show you how to get simple YouTube Videos RANKED at the
top of YouTube AND Google for the exact search terms that your customers are using!
I don’t know a single business owner who couldn’t benefit from
ranking at the TOP of Google… do you?
What You'll Discover Inside VIdeoROI:
Unless you enjoy paying an SEO Company
$2,000/month to get your website on the first
page of Google, take advantage of YouTube
(owned by Google) to get your videos ranked
at the top of YouTube and Google for
competitive and targeted search terms.
How to Put Your
Traffic Generating on
No viral videos required! No matter your skill
set, experience level, or camera-shyness,
VideoROI offers a simple, replicable, and
scalable strategy for consistently optimizing
your videos for better ranking and exposure.
And You’ll Get it ALL with my Simple-to-Follow,
Easy-to-Implement Training Program:
The Overview and Fundamentals
The Keyword Strategy
Search Suggestions
The Google Keyword Planner
Channel Competition
Google Trends
Module #3 Essential Video
3 Essential Ingredients for BETTER Videos
The 5-Part Outline for the Perfect YouTube Video
Video Directory
How to Say What You Want To Say
Module #4 Optimization 101
Pre-Upload Prep
Basic Video Optimization
Custom Thumbnail Creation
Video Publishing
Module #5 Advanced
Advanced Optimization Overview
Optimization Action List
Track, Measure, and Assess
YouTube Playlist
The Hybrid Blog Post
The Email Broadcast
The Social Surge
Video Embeds
Video Advertising
Module #6 Beyond YouTube
Beyond YouTube
4 Essential Bonuses (a $647 Value!)
BONUS #1 The YouTube Channel
BONUS #2 Video Buyers
BONUS #3 Outsourcing Your
BONUS #4 Faceless Video
But Don’t Take my Word for It!
Here are What Some of My THOUSANDS of
Customers Have to Say:
“My 6-month-old YouTube channel had,
maybe, 300 subscribers. I applied 75% of
what James suggested and, 2 months later,
I began averaging 1000 new subscribers
per month.
Today it still works like a finely-tuned machine with many happy
followers commenting on my videos on a daily basis. I am thrilled to
report that my channel has surpassed 2 million video views! Thank you,
James Wedmore, for helping me position my videos so I can be easily
found and I have a shot at helping more people and growing my
- Dana Lee -
“Since I found James, I have passed over
3000 subscribers on YouTube and literally
in less than 30 days, my YouTube views
have gone up over 25%.
My videos have 30,000 views a month now. I want to thank you, James
(so much), for helping me strategize and helping me monetize what
YouTube is able to do for me.”
- Kevin Ward -
"VideoROI is the most complete course that
delivered on every promise it made. I am
very impressed at the high quality. This is
NOT the norm in informational marketing,
and it makes James stand out!
I'm noticing that my subscribers are starting to increase and prospects
I speak with tell me that they watched my videos on YouTube. Not only
are people finding my videos and educating themselves, but the videos
are positioning me as an expert in my field. YouTube is a lead generator
AND a positioning tool AND it is evergreen."
- Scott DeSalvo -
“My video has hit 165,000 views!
I am helping others decrease stress AND growing my email list like
- Nichole Kellerman -
"I bought VideoROI so I could learn how to
set up and shorten the learning curve when
it comes to using my YouTube channel.
I have posted just 3 videos and already have over 400 views and 40
subscribers in less than a week!"
- Don Seibert -
“I needed some simple tools to get the word
out about what I do. I really resonated with
James and what he was saying and doing.
I still have more work to do, but I'm seeing results already! More phone
calls and emails are coming in!! Well worth it!"
- JoAnn Tully -
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If you decide this program isn’t right for you, we
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“James Wedmore is the best person you
can possibly learn from if you are looking
to build your business with video.
Not only does James excel in front of the camera, he is an amazing
teacher and trainer as well. He has helped me not only create incredibly
high value videos for my audience, but taught me how to apply a
strategy for using my videos to increase my exposure and build my
brand. James for President!"
- Melanie Duncan -
"It's always good to have a 'go-to person'
for… well… pretty much everything when it
comes to business. For online video, my
go-to person is James Wedmore. Period."
- David Siteman Garland -